Metasecure’s mission critical cloud security pilot validation program

The MetaSecure’s mission critical cloud security validation pilot program consists of a mission critical application customer, a cloud vendor with any cloud technologies, chosen by client or suggested by MetaSecure staff. Integrating and tailoring MetaSecure's metadata security engine to government and commercial customers mission critical "sample" application will allow an end-to-end security model test, instead of entire complex environment. Cloud vendors will also benefits from integration and customization of their cloud technologies into MetaNoria engine, allowing them "Make vs Buy", which would save millions of dollars of development cost by not having to impact internal development schedule. Government and commercial clients will have evaluation team of their own choice with no restrictions for validation procedure. The benefits will provide participating customers and cloud vendors the higher level security for their products and applications, which doesn't exist in the industry today, because of our patents, approved by the US Patent office.

  • The deployment and integration with company’s chosen cloud vendor and evaluation of multiple instances of “The System” and apprentices.
  • “The System” used in enrollments, manipulation, validation and application of security models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS.
  • Demonstration of added value to client’s chosen cloud platform and chosen cloud technologies by the incorporation of MetaSecure’s IP and technologies.
  • Validation of a unified data-centric architecture modeling approach for cloud computing security.
  • Third party government or commercial unbiased agency’s validation team, selected by customer.

Cloud Operation Data integration Services

MetaSecure’s cloud data integration services allow integration contractors and companies to utilize MetaNoria’s metadata engine diverse platform integration features to easily, as well as cost effectively integrate complex data to the cloud and migrate from legacy applications to their new cloud environment by maximizing implementation of cloud operations.