About Us

Company Overview

MetaSecure Corporation, a holder of 10 patents, Houston-based Nasa spinoff, is an IT integration, software and Intellectual Property development company. Our advanced software - MetaNoria Engine solves the largest problem in the IT market today - security and its applications: cloud computing and social web market technologies. MetaSecure Corporation is working with government and commercial customer's mission critical applications and their cloud technologies, participating in a secret level cloud security and secure social web pilot validation program. This program will bring benefit to not only participating customer, but the chosen cloud company as well by allowing them to be the only higher level cloud security vendor in the industry.

The pilot validation program is important, because secure social web collaboration is not possible without secure cloud and secure social web technologies working together. As social media industry vendors, such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc, continue to rapidly change, they form highly dynamic business opportunity for corporate America. Organizations are striving for a truly collaborative, effective and efficient workplace, which will not arise until an additional embedded social security level is developed within their enterprise workflow. Critical to the concept of a business social network is the ability to reach beyond the firewall, which now places businesses and users beyond the traditional corporate security control. These risks are especially addressed by MetaSecure's dynamic embedded model, operating at the process level and supporting the security life cycle in the face of continuous change, which will secure today’s cloud enabled applications and social web while maintaining and enhancing their benefit.

“Corporations need to move from the idea of forming an additional layer, the secure social layer, and get embedded security into the enterprise workflow through the software systems that people use today.”
Michael Fauscette, IDC