Experience True Validation of Cloud-social Web Security at the metadata level by participating in our Pilot Program

MetaSecure is Houston-based NASA spinoff - an IT Security integration & software development company with a suite of advanced under development software technologies that help reduce the fear of moving mission critical applications into the cloud computing and social web. Our unique to the industry product - MetaNoria metadata patented engine is the only dynamic embedded security model, operating at the process level & supporting security life cycle in the phase of continuous change can secure today’s cloud enabled applications while maintaining & enhancing their applications.

Our history started with pioneering government agency’s mission critical facilities on the Internet securely in the early 90s. NASA trusted us to save astronauts lives by protecting the data in mission critical applications while moving on the Internet securely. The same fear of low level security exists today for customers moving critical mission applications into cloud and social web applications. Trust MetaSecure success and years of experience with higher level security that doesn’t exist in current cloud and social web vendors today.


metadata security engine built for change

Engine built for change

We use advanced proof of concept pilot programs with our patented cloud & secure social web technologies for highly dynamic, adapting & continuously changing as they process their applications, business environments. It’s like building a airplane while it is flying!

metadata security engine that accepct any data

Accept diverse data from any technology

Your power tool in establishing a data integration methodology that is robust and capable of changing without compromising data and system integrity. This allows for local autonomy at the business unit yet centralized visibility and management for the enterprise.

metadata security engine which integrates with any cloud

Integration with any cloud platform

Patented embedded security process fully integrates user, activity, and security policy and auditing into ANY cloud application, its management tools, independent of geography, service providers and underlying systems. Our security process enhances current cloud vendors security technologies that are being done on the network security level with advanced backend MetaNoria metadata technologies.

Market Applications


We meet demanding HIPPA requirements for security, confidentiality, availability to authorized users, traceability of access, reversibility of data, and long-term preservation.


Do not take the chance of losing the most valuable asset for a financial institution: the information.


Do not let security concerns be the main limiting factor for cloud adoption in the mission critical applications.


Leverage cloud technologies for government efficiency without threat for the security of world’s most sensitive data.

“Fear of the cloud technologies is keeping government from its 21st-century potential due to the threat to the security of some of the world’s most sensitive data.”
Gardner Inc.